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Money archive
  • Wednesday, 29th September 2010
  • Aussie dollar

    Show me the money! As our dollar skyrockets, we show you why every Australian has a reason to hit the shops. We unearth the massive savings to be had online, including deals on electronics, furniture and homewares.
    What i don't get is everyone complains so much about outsourcing aus jobs but no problem buying overseas ???
  • Wednesday, 22nd September 2010
  • Power bills

    They're living proof that you can save hundreds on your electricity costs - we catch up with several families who have managed to slash their power bills and show you how they did it.
    Handy hint turn off your battery chargers to your walkabout phones.only recharge the phone once every 5days.or when low.
  • Tuesday, 21st September 2010
  • Paid to Shop

    We show you the shopping centres that want to pay you $100,000 a year to shop.
    Gooo Kevin! If anyone's got the chops for this, it's him. He sweats style at every waking moment of his life!
  • Friday, 17th September 2010
  • Open for inspection 16

    From the country to the city, we give you a sneak peek inside the latest state-of-the-art homes to hit the real estate market.
  • Car auctions

    Buying your next car at an auction could save you thousands. We show you all you need to know to avoid the pitfalls and get the best deal.
    Felix Th Lim
    Helps to detect the prices and updated vehicle info online more efficency and makes easeases the consumer buying process
  • Future Wave 2

    We catch up with the Australian creators of the Future Wave. Since our story last week the inventors of this ingenious, money-saving device have been swamped with demand.
    Future Wave unit we have is great saving us about 70 per week we have had one running for over 6 months. Thanks guys !
  • Wednesday, 15th September 2010
  • Lightbulb test

    We road test Choice magazine’s list of the best compact fluorescent globes on the market. Do they deliver?
    Saving with CFLs is all good, but...has anyone tested the effects of the very high UV radiation of CFLs on Macula disease??? I (for one) do not have a single one at home, where they can shine directly at my eyes.
  • Future Wave

    See the brilliant Aussie invention that will slash power bills for millions of families. In an ACA exclusive, we show you how you can save up to $50 a month.
    Even on medium setting I'm seeing huge savings. Try turning it up to the next level
  • Friday, 10th September 2010
  • Open for inspection 15

    Anyone for polo? This week we take you inside some of Australia's finest country estates that are on the market.
    John King
    Please let us know how we could feature our 1855 Heritage listed bluestone property which is on the market.
  • Thursday, 9th September 2010
  • Mobile deals

    We call in the experts to show you how to get the best deal on your mobile phone. Find out which telcos are offering the best service and value for money.
    yeah and crazy johns 49 has 450 worth of calls, data and sms plus bonus option plus unlimited calls and tx to CJs

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